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You will receive an email with your passwords on the first day of its launch. We want to count on you to build a unique tool that will help many students like you. After the great reception at Bett Show, we extend the deadline until February 21, to give time to the students of the interested educational institutions.









** The free subscription for the pioneer users will remain active as long as it is used regularly and is not linked to the STUDYTASK tool. Regular price of € 20 / year for post-launch registrations.

Goodbye to the agendas,

the digital planner is here!

Agendas are good to remind you what needs to be done. But you still have to order the tasks and decide how much time to devote to each one and in what order they have to be done: you still have to PLAN.

Planning is not easy if you want to do it well and quickly. Especially because we tend to deceive ourselves, to leave what we do not like for later and to underestimate the real difficulty of many tasks.

What is Studeam for?

To plan well and quickly

Planning well is difficult and takes time. Studeam offers you clear and reasonable planning for almost all the situations of study Instant automatic planning, with pedagogical criteria and common sense, including the necessary breaks.

To not deceive yourself with time

We tend to deceive ourselves about the time that things really take us, especially those that we like the least. Our desires make it difficult for us to be realistic many times. That is why Studeam only asks you to give each task an estimated time of completion. It is better to start from a time than from none, and then it will be corrected.

To improve the results

Pedagogical studies assure that planning and self-control improve the performance of the students, calm their anxiety and make them enjoy more what they do. It has a clear reflection in the academic results. Quiet and regular studying improves learning and does not consume more time.

Not procrastinating

Studeam will help you avoid procrastinating and not to leave studying until the last moment or even tomorrow, but to do it when you should. We do not know what tomorrow will bring, we only have today and we must take advantage of it. Especially when studying new content, because you should not wait for the exam to learn it.

To grow in study habit

Studeam makes you see what the goals are in each minute and allows you to follow their evaluation without cheating. As a physical training app, it will help you persevere in your effort to acquire a good habit of daily work. Because not only the results matter but the way they have been obtained. The correct work discipline is a value for the professional and personal future.

To demonstrate the effort and grow in self-knowledge

Studeam allows you to see the actual workload of each day and track it. Something very valuable personally, but also important to show others that quiet work of daily commitment to improving. Well applied it allows you to obtain an adjusted image of the use you make of your study time and to understand what type of student you are.

How does STUDEAM work?

Studeam is a multi-device web application, which works through internet connection and a browser. It asks for the general framework in which you intend to study and what your subjects are. It will be enough to tell the system what tasks you have to do, with its delivery date and its estimated time of completion, so that you return an objective planning from which to depart.

Studeam plans the study organizing the tasks to ensure an optimal use of time, so that there is:

a.  Minimum number of breaksos, according to the pattern marked by the user

b. Maximun security with deliveries: “do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today”

c.  Pedagogical common sense when cutting tasks, positioning breaks, alternating tasks, distributing long tasks, preparing exams

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