As education is gaining importance world-wide, Task & Time explores new methodologies and analyzes results critically to innovate with new perspectives. To schools, educational centers, institutions and universities , Task & Time offers technological products that change time management and support new educational methodologies.

Institutions and teachers will have access to knowledge that offers a complete overview of each student group and innovative strategies will improve the performance of bouth teachers and students. The tool will become essential to the management and development of studying.

Students will profit from the advantage that our tools offer planning and time management suggestions that nourish good study habits. These habits can later be applied to the professional world and help young people to consciously persevere in achieving their goals. It is an exercise in self-knowledge which trains students how to manage their weaknesses and take full advantage of their strengths during the educational process.


Task & Time offers technological products that allow the visualization of the learning rhythm of each student group linking it to the hours in class. It is an ideal tool for managing study development.

It enables interaction between teachers, even when they are in the class room because it shows the homework load of the group in the class room in real time. This encourages conscious and general planning.

Students will no longer feel lost as where to start or lose sleep by spending too much time on a subject. The Task & Time tools will set their tasks at the most convenient time to increase the students’ productivity and to achieve study goals.


Task & Time offers colleges the tool that changes educational methodology. Both the institution and teachers will profit from a general overview of each student group, its performance and its study load. New orientations will boost students’ and teachers’ performance through analysis and planning.

To students, at that crucial moment in their lives when they begin to take on responsibilities and enjoy new kinds of freedom, this tool provides self-knowledge because desires, expectations, fears and anxiety often lead to miscalculations of time. It helps them to avoid self-deception and program their study sessions so that they can enjoy their free time as much as possible.


In an area as competitive as that of higher education, where the prestige of each university depends on the quality of the education given and the image of its students, Task & Time offers ideal tools that provide a general overview and favor analysis. This enables conscious planning of the university and the teachers to achieve optimal performance and excellent results.

University students benefit from the tool because it offers them planning and time management suggestions that encourage good study habits. Later these can be applied to the labor market and will help them to consciously persevere in their endeavors. Training their self-knowledge will teach them how to manage their weaknesses and take full advantage of their strengths at a crucial moment in their lives.

En un área tan competitiva como es la educación universitaria, donde el prestigio de cada universidad depende de la calidad de la enseñanza y la proyección de sus alumnos, Task & Time ofrece las herramientas idóneas que proporcionan una imagen global y favorecen el análisis. Lo que permitirá una planificación consciente, de la institución y del profesorado, para conseguir el máximo rendimiento y óptimos resultados.

En cuanto a los universitarios, les proporcionará propuestas de planificación y gestión de tiempo que fomentará buenos hábitos de estudio que podrán ser aplicables al mundo laboral al ayudarles a perseverar en sus empeños de forma real y consciente. Un entrenamiento en el autoconocimiento que les fortalecerá al hacerles gestionar sus debilidades y sacar el mayor partido a sus fortalezas en un momento decisivo en sus vidas.

Educational institutions

Task & Time wants to do away with frustration.

Frustration about not having done your tasks, about not having studied, about not having reached the desired level in a class room. We also want to get rid of the lack of communication between teachers and students, between students and their parents/tutors, and between teachers and parents/tutors.

Our tools allow task planning, which help students to know their habits and to identify which tasks require improvement in order to be more productive and have more free time. As a result, students are more motivated and happier with their results.

For teachers we offer of tools that allow a general overview of each group, showing progress and study load, and the learning development of the class group. The institution can monitor and orient the productivity of its teachers, increasing motivation through improved results. That parents see and experience the joy of their children’s improved performance and results is the best publicity a center can wish for.

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