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The easiest and fastest way to introduce yourself into Studeam

Overall tutorial in 7 minuts

studeam configuration

We explain the most important steps of the configuration. Above all, how to choose the right institution, understand the different types of time and create your own study schedules. It is something simple that is explained in the tool in the FAQ section and with tooltips, but here we will make it clearer.




task creation and edition (2:19)

How to create a task? All the steps to create a task explained simply and quickly. You can later edit the necessary values ​​to manage the tasks properly. 




task lists: CONCEPT and management (1:40)

There are two types of task list in this app, one the priority list and another the general list. We explain them just in three minuts.

PLANIFICAtioN. VIews and good practices (2:12)

When does Studeam plan your task? Important recomendations and good practices. We show you how to use the best view to see your planning in every device.

Frequent asked questions

Search your question. We have probably answered it already, but if you still have a question, please, make us know! 


Why do you ask me so much data?

As we want to be your assistant in your study process, it is important to have the requested information. If your school has StudyTask it will allow us to give you better recommendations and even cross some of the information as long as you specifically give us permission for that.

I don’t want to give so much information

In that case don’t. Please choose the option OTHERS. It will limit the ability to give you personalized recommendations, but if you change your mind you can go back and give the necessary information any time.

I don’t see my institution listed

We work with official lists of each country. In the meanwhile, please select others, and if you send us an email to we will review it and include it as soon as possible.

My institution is international

In each country we have used the regular structure of the country’s institutions. Please select the closest equivalent. You can send us an email to with all the information and we will try to incorporate it.

I’m not sure which institution type I have to choose

If you live in UK the options are “School” if you study in Key Stages 3, 4 or 5, “Craft Training” if you study CT, “University” for a degree, master or PhD, “Self Study” if you want to use STUDEAM for any personal non-regulated learning project and “Other” if it does not fit in any of the previous options or if you prefer not to indicate it. If you live in another English-speaking country, you can freely complete it with what best suits your reality, thus helping us to learn and improve.

My course has no Group

Since we do not want you to forget to put it in case it has, we have made it mandatory, but do not worry, put anything, for example A or 1.

What happens if I change my place of studies?

Well, you go back to the menu and change the data. You can do it whenever you need.

I study in a country that offers no options

We are growing as fast as we can and if there are many clients from your country we assure you that we will incorporate it soon. Meanwhile, all the fields are free text so that you can indicate the closest thing to your reality.


What is Normal Time?

It consists of the weekly schedule when you plan to work usually. It is going to be the preferred time to plan your tasks. Don’t forget to fill all days of the week as required.

What is Extra Time?

It’s the weekly schedule that you would allow to be used to plan in case your normal schedule is not enough to fulfill all your tasks properly and on time.

How do I set the schedule?

First think about whether the time type is normal or extra, then in each of the days you plan to work put the start and end time of each period of time followed that you plan to dedicate to tasks related to your study, do not worry about the breaks as they are automatically planned by the system according to your preferences. If you have more than one section on the same day, just select the + and enter a second, third, fourth, … section. It is important that the different sections do not coincide in time and that they are not adjacent (end of a section equal to the beginning of another) if they are of the same type (usual or extra). Remember that each day can have the same schedule or a different one, for the moment you have to set each day specifically.

While setting the schedule it gives me an error message and I don’t understand it

The causes of error can be: 1) That you have not entered any normal time. It is essential for proper operation. 2) That the same time is in two or more sections of the same day, is what we call overlap. Check on the day that an overlap is indicated and change the start or end times so that it does not occur. If you need so you will have to create additional sections. There is not limit. 3) That there are two adjacent sections in the same type of time, in which case we ask you to merge them to just one.

What about holidays or unusual situations?

We are working to improve the interface and be able to manage exceptions in your regular schedule for whatever reason, until we can do so, please focus on the most frequent scenario, and only change it if your schedule changes are somehow permanent.

My study schedule has changed

Well you go into the menu and change it, you can do it as many times as you need. We want this to help you plan your work time in study activities as accurately as possible.

When will you ask me about rest timing?

At the end of the registration, it is the last question. It consists of the duration of the rest and the frequency (how long your plan to between rests). For convenience, they are in 5-minute increments.


Do I have to set all my subjects?

No, only those that you foresee that you will have something to do at home. If they don’t send you homework, you don’t have to set them. Anyhow, you can add those you need. We recommend you to set them in case of in doubt, so you don’t have to go back to the menu to add it.

Why are you asking me for the group?

It is in case you have a subject from previous courses, so you do not forget to study it. Certainly you will have to dedicate some time to it!

What the abbreviation is for?

It’s a shortcut to show the subject, and in case the space is limited (for example, on mobile devices) we can present you the information in a way that you understand in a personalized way. Don’t worry, we create them automatically for you. Only in case two subjects have the same 3 starting letters will you have to edit it but if you want to change it you can do it any time. It’s just for your info.

Some subject colors are repeated

Although there are thousands of colors in the world, we have limited 16 to make them different enough to distinguish them. If you have more than 16 subjects at the moment you should be careful with those that repeat color. Hence another reason for using abbreviations.

I have wrongly entered the name of the subject and it won’t let me change it

Right now the solution is to erase the subject and create it again. It will have a different color, we hope you don’t mind.


What is a task?

It’s any activity related to your learning process that requires time. For example, reading, doing a problem, studying, reviewing, doing a project, etc. Briefly, what has been considered homework for centuries. Even in schools that say they do not require homework you will have to study for exams, summarize or read a book.

What type of task do I choose?

Normal: Task such as readings, papers, problems, deliverables, etc. Basically, what is usually considered a homework excluding studying or preparing for an exam. Study: Every activity to master the content, can be careful reading, preparing study briefs, memorization, reading out loud, etc. It excludes time to review for an exam. Exam: It’s actual preparation for the exam, particularly reviewing what you have already studied or practiced. It’s to refresh what you already learnt and to train for properly answering the questions. It is NOT the time for taking the exam. As such these tasks will be scheduled right before the exam, allowing lea time for other tasks whenever possible.

How do I estimate each task duration?

This is the foundation of a good study habit; it is convenient to think about how long each task will require. Don’t worry if your first estimate is wrong, you can correct it as you work. In your estimate include the effective time you will employ; the breaks are already included by STUDEAM for you. Bit by bit you will learn how long it takes you and you can make better estimates.

Do I have to write the description?

This field is just for you, a reminder of what you have planned, we recommend to do so because it will help you, but do not spend a lot of time, enough so that you remember and know how to distinguish one task from the others.

There are two types of lists, what is each one for?

Priority List: It’s the list of tasks that should be updated before planning so to get a plan that best reflects your reality. It encompasses all the tasks that were planned to be done and those that expired since your last planning, as well as those that you chose not to plan. Whole List: Includes all the tasks that have not been completed, nor planned or those that expired during the last 7 days. It does not include those that you considered to be done.

How do I see completed tasks?

As Studeam is a planning tool we have put the basics so you can look to the future. Everything you have entered is recorded and when we incorporate navigation improvements, we will give you access to those old tasks in case you need to remember what you have done, or to improve your time estimates regardless if the task was completed or just expired so long ago.

I have too many tasks, how can I find the one I’m looking for?

We have incorporated some tools that allow you to sort by delivery date, and filter by subject, status and type of task. You can apply several filters simultaneously, although surely one or two is enough.

How can I add a new task?

As simple as selecting the + in the upper right corner and you will get a menu with all the options.

I am creating a task and I get the option of not planning, isn’t that weird?

Maybe or maybe not. It might be the case that you still do not have all the information to complete the task, or that you decided for some reason that it is not yet convenient to start. You leave it in a state that does not plan it, but at any time you can change to a regular status and then it will be planed for you in the time you still have available. You can also use this option if you see that you will not have time, but you want to have a track record.

I am creating a task and I get the Completed option, isn’t that weird?

If you already did the task even before you could enter the planning and you want to have a record of everything you have done so that you can show it to your parents, teachers or for your own record. Obviously, it will not be planned because it is already done.

Why should I select a delivery time, including hour?

As we intend to provide a planning that considers your reality, it is convenient to introduce the delivery time as accurate as possible. Our recommendation would be that you put the time of the class in which you have to make the delivery, however, you should choose the best alternative for you.

If my school has StudyTask, do I have to create the tasks from scratch?

The short answer is: Yes. However, we are already working to incorporate a gateway so that you can see the tasks your teacher sends you if you give us permission to link your account to your academic institution. Anyhow; as the time you dedicate to each task is personal, you will have to introduce the time estimate yourself.


Next to a task there is a number in red, what does it mean?

It is the amount of minutes in planning that do not fit into the allotted time in the schedule to do that task because you have all the time occupied. It is what we have called an overflow. You also have all overflows that might occur together in the lower right corner.

Okay, I overflow and I don’t have time, what do I do?

We notify you as soon as possible of an overflow so that you can decide if you spend some extra time, optimize your performance of tasks to do them sufficiently or choose those that you prefer not to do. The choice is yours. With STUDEAM you can plan far in advance to avoid these situations as much as possible.

Despite my good planning, I still can’t handle everything and have several overflows

In this case we encourage you to request StudyTask to be installed in your institution. It is our solution for teachers to coordinate and send you an adequate workload.

I see that there are some unused times in my planning

It can be for three reasons, the first is that the time is declared as extra and not having so much workload you are not using them. You can recognize this with a darker gray background. The second is that you only have exam tasks and these are planned to be as close as possible to the due date. The last reason would be that the task is considered too long to be performed all at once, that is, it is convenient to do a piece every day because it is quite long and has a very far due date.

There is a task that is spread over many days

Studeam automatically recognizes when a very long task with a very far due date should be done in manageable bites. It’s our recommendation, you can do it at your own speed.

Do I have to work exactly as planned?

No, it is a good recommendation that enables you to make your decisions. Do what you can. We are fully aware that reality will never be as you plan it, but if you do not plan you will lack that reference on which to make decisions.




I can’t find the APP neither at Goolge PlayStore nor AppStore

Exactly, we have chosen to provide you with the service differently. STUDEAM id purely web-based meaning we need a browser already installed in your device.

However, it has been designed so you can easily install an icon on your phone or tablet and it will open as if it was an APP.

How can I create an icon to access on my Android device?

Open Chrome (it’s preinstalled in every Android), then go to site and before login in select the options icon (tree vertical dots on the top right corner), in the menu press Add to start screen then confirm Add. You will see the STUDEAM icon so you can open it easier.

How can I create an icon to access on my Apple device?

Open Safari (it’s preinstalled in every iPhone or iPad), then go to site and before login in select the share icon (a square with an arrow pointing up), in the menu press Add to start screen then confirm Add. You will see the STUDEAM icon so you can open it easier.

How can I create an icon to access on my computer either Windows or Mac?

In case you use Chrome (we recommend so), once you open the site  and before login in select the options icon (tree vertical dots on the top right corner), in the menu press install Studeam, hence you will have the icon in your desktop, end will enjoy it as any other app (without the browser top on the screen).

I rather not install anything

You could always use any compatible browser, go the and log in.


I love it, how can I purchase?

As a welcoming gift we will give you a free tial. Once you are sure you love it, and only then, you can click on the Plan&Billing tab. You will find very clear steps to preced. If you struggle anyhow, we are here to provide support:

How much it costs?

Once you benefited from the free trial period, you will find updated prices in our website or on the Plan&Billing tab. We provide as much options as we believe are useful so you can choose.

Should I provide payment information to have access to the free trial?

No, if you decide not to purchase your account will freeze as you will only provide payment information once you have decided that you love our service. If you decide to come back later your information will be safely waiting for you.

How can I pay?

If you purchase trough the app right now, we only offer credit card as an option. We might get some distributors that might provide other alternatives. If you really need other options please send us an email to and we’ll come back with our best solution.

I have a discount code

Congratulations, to benefit you need to go to Plan&Billing tab and there you will find further instructions.




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