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The first virtual agenda that plans your study automatically.

At Task & Time we take great pride in being the first, true pioneers in building a true study planner, a smart virtual agenda for any student.

“And what does this consist of?”, You may be wondering. Well, it is quite simple and can be very useful. This message is aimed at people who need help with planning their study, or who want to know more information about this virtual agenda called STUDEAM. Let no one be confused with the word: it is not a new name, it is Latin! And it means precisely “that I study.”

And now we will get to the point: STUDEAM is an app that automatically organizes study tasks over time. But how does it work? It follows pedagogical and time management criteria typical of this type of specific activity. Imagine a teacher or a tutor being stuck in your virtual agenda and ready to build the best plan for you when you need it, in a single click.

The true value of this virtual agenda

Other agendas, whether digital, paper, or any other kind, do not have this feature. But with STUDEAM comes the best application to organize your study. Mainly because no calendar app or task manager plans for us; they only offer us what we have written down in them. To fully understand the difference with other tools you might find, it is better that you watch this DEMO video.

Because it is not just about remembering what to do, but about managing time well, keeping an optimal planning of all tasks, and taking advantage of study time by creating a good work habit. Much of our effectiveness will be in getting used to doing what we must do when we have to, without fooling ourselves or leaving tasks until the last minute. Now with our virtual agenda, you will have in a single click an automatic, objective, pedagogically constructed plan, ready for you.


The Best Way to Organize Your Time

The good thing about this app built to guide the way we study is not only that it helps you manage your time better, but it will also make it easier for you to achieve something especially important in life, good study habits. These brief notes serve to understand why:

Knowing what to do at every moment and for how long, facilitates its execution, reduces anxiety and effort. The method that this planning app implements is designed to facilitate concentration and maintain proper work discipline.

It helps you to get down to work, without self-deception, to evaluate yourself and reflect on your activity. You want to get into the habit of turning in assignments on time and taking the time each requires seriously.

If you think that this smart virtual agenda can help you out, if you found it interesting and would like to try it, go to our website. There you will find more information. Of course, try to see the previous video tutorial first. The tool becomes simple if the video has been seen once, otherwise you may not understand how this innovative tool is configured.

At Task & Time, we are waiting for you! For any questions or doubts you might have, we invite you to contact us. An online planner is not a common thing, so ask!