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We are in May, this means that the weather is nicer, but also that finals are here. There are so many things that any student is facing this time of the year. It is natural to be tired of a long-extended effort since spring break (if we were lucky enough to had one, provided several restrictions related to COVID-19). Papers are due, exams are getting closer, warm weather is calling to do some outdoors activities, teachers are cramming the last concepts, … So, let’s face it there is so much to do and so little time to do it. How to prepare for finals is one of the greatest questions that you are facing these days.


Let’s face reality

Procrastination? Maybe you have procrastinated this term. Maybe you have so many things going on. Maybe your teachers are demanding too much. Maybe, maybe, maybe…

The reality is that deadlines are closing, and you have to accomplish certain objectives that are important for you. You have invested too much so far that you don’t want to spoil it now. So it is time to do your best effort, nobody can ask you for any better that that.


You need a plan

The first thing you need is to assess your reality and create a SMART plan. Here by SMART I mean both a clever plan and what the acronym S.M.A.R.T. stands for (check this link if you want to know more).


Where do I start?

Take time to list all the papers, projects, exams and activities you have ahead. It will be wise to estimate (as realistically as possible) the amount of time that you need to complete each one and when each one is due. Describing each activity and even divide it in smaller pieces will make this part easier.


Define the time available

Before being able to create your plan you absolutely need to know how much time you can spend each day to do all these activities that you have just listed. Here there is a risk to start assigning some of the activities to a particular time. We strongly recommend not to do such thing unless it has to be done at that particular time and no alternative is possible.


Do your plan

Now that you have both the list of activities and the time available you can start planning. It requires setting priorities, sometimes even redefining the content of a particular task that you see is too ambitious for the amount of time available. Doing this can be daunting, exhausting and time consuming.

Fortunately, we can offer you STUDEAM, that is a study planner that in just a click will turn that long list of activities and your available schedule into a realistic plan. Furthermore, it can provide an objective picture of these final weeks to decide better if you have time for chatting with your best friend, or if you rather reduce the scope of the activities to be able to fit your most important goals in the available time.


Don’t forget to plan for breaks

With so many things to do and so little time you might get into the trap to neglect resting every hour or so or even reduce sleeping. This is a big mistake. To perform good in your exams you need to be fresh to pour out all the knowledge that you have acquired. Incorporate in you planning time to sleep, but also to break for 5 to 10 minutes every hour so your brain recovers. Your worst enemy is an exhausted brain incapable to process anything.

With STUDEAM we take these breaks into consideration for the long study sessions ahead. The sleeping time is your responsibility to consider!


Reduce procrastination and save time and money with STUDEAM

With the 15 days of free trial, you will be able not only to save money, but also save time in your planning. Self-regulation and time management will be boosted with an awesome app, a virtual agenda ready to plan your study tasks and exams. Use your time wisely, use STUDEAM.