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Main features

Task list ready to be planned

Dynamic task list

Designed with ease of use so you can set and update your tasks. It smartly shows those tasks that require your input

Personalized schedule

Everyone has its own weekly schedule, so do you. You define when you want to study on a regular basis and when you can walk the extra mile if required.

Plan all tasks in time

All tasks are planned in as many sessions as necessary to meet the objectives. If your last one expires in two months, all sessions until then will be taken into account and planned at once.

Dynamic planning with events

Every event that interferes with your study sessions will be taken into account when planning. Occasional study sessions can also be added

Week Planning with Studeam for tablet

Seven Days View

Shows 7 consecutive days providing a valuable perspective on the days to come. You will see in perfectly on your tablet or even in landscape mode on your smart phone.

Month planning with Studeam app

Monthly View

It offers a quick view of distribution of tasks, you can locate the exams and those long tasks that is better to do in manageable bites.

Day planning view in Studeam for tablet

One Day View

Optimized for mobile phones (portrait mode), focuses on just one day at a time

It informs you of obstacles ahead

If you do not have time available to plan for any specific task, STUDEAM provides with an alert so you can decide based on real data. Let’s have a look to the video DEMO for better understanding

Further more…

For every device

Mobile design so you have the information in your hand. If you like bigger you can use it on a tablet or a computer

Web app

Works on mainstream browsers connected to the internet

Studeam logo

Looks like an APP

Download it to your deck like an APP. You will love our sand clock


It’s ready to work together with StudyTask in case your institution decides to implement it. That is a whole new level