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 Real time coordination for load of study tasks and homework

An app to regulate, in real time, the workload in educational institutions 



The school can assure to the families that the workload is under control, as it has been previously settled with them

High School

It coordinates teachers of different subjects in order to educate in a good study habit that always could be demanded


¿Students procrastination or a lack of coordination between teachers? StudyTask can answer you in real time. The ECTs could be measured seriously right now

Each task requires time to do it well and to fulfill its pedagogical function. That is why the total load must be under the control of the teaching staff, both its quantity and its distribution over time. For everything that is ordered should be able to be done reasonably well in a non-competitive educational context.

That is why we have created StudyTask, a web application capable of measuring workload (be they study tares, homework, etc.), coordinate teachers in real time to regulate their quantity and distribution, and diagnose the causes of possible student overloads.


A web application:


the estimated study load every day


teachers in real time about study load


teachers in real time about study load

Understand StudyTask in 3 minutes:

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Precise control of workload

Because TIME maters a lot in education

Control of student workload – of all tasks to be done outside the school, including study – is finally possible thanks to StudyTask.

It is a complex problem, only solvable by the assistance of a planner specifically designed for the study. This planner allows to measure the load and know if there is enough time to carry out the tasks that the students receive from the teachers team.

We have built a virtual student that is planned in a “perfect” way and always complies with his planning dedicating to each task the time that the teacher estimates, including adequate breaks. If this student needed more than the reasonable time to carry out their tasks, in the judgment of the teaching team, in all probability the real students will have an overload problem, because unforeseen events arise, they procrastinate, they are inconsistent, they get tired, etc.

Only with the appropriate technology and method there is a solution to this challenge of coordination in real time between different teachers.

Virtual student of reference: work faithfully and rest just enough

Real students: fickle, procrastinate, have unforeseen …

If you think that this virtual planning should be seen by your students, we have developed a flexible study planner for them. The focus is to educate in time management and improve study habits, that is why we have created STUDEAM.

Because no virtual planner could represent a real student we had to think how to help every single student find their best planning. 

Real time coordination

Achieving proper coordination requires an application that connects all the users involved – teachers and supervisors – in any of the devices on which they usually work. It must also be simple and quick to use, so that the teacher does not hinder his demanding work. StudyTask is a web application available in the cloud and integrable via API with platforms and school management systems already on the market (for example with Google Classroom).

Time management skills

Minimum time of use for the teacher 

Coordination would not be feasible if it were a heavy task for the teacher. Introducing a live task in front of the students does not require more than 15 s.

If there is an overload problem, the application will immediately inform the teacher and will indicate the days of the week in which it occurs, how long and if he is responsible for that particular work overload.