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An automatic study planner to boost students’ learning and well-being


 Real time coordination of  study tasks and homework load in high schools and colleges

The student’s personal planner for studying and homework

Pioneers in digital planning and time management in education

At Task & Time we work so that students and teachers achieve balanced time planning and an evaluable study habit, eliminating harmful homework overloads and reducing procrastination.

We have developed two one-of-a-kind tools for the purpose of evaluating and improving study and teaching habits. Two web applications to give time the importance it deserves in education: StudyTask for educational institutions and Studeam for students


Education experts

Years of experience with students, planning their tasks and personally keeping track of their development has provided us with the knowledge to improve education, both at an institutional (schools, universities) and individual level.

Because to plan time is to help achieve goals.

Time management

Thanks to our planning algorithm we help to manage and analyze time dedicated to human tasks, enabling people and institutions to acquire goal information and facilitating improvement processes. Task & Time sprung from the great necessity to manage our time well in present-day society and the analysis opportunity that new technologies offer us for this purpose.

Why Task & Time?

  “We call ourselves “Task & Time” precisely because planning and estimating how much time we need for a task is good mental hygiene.”


“We want to be world reference in time management for education. An ambitious objective for the sake of the society”


Therefore, we seek collaboration with all those committed in improving education though a human centered technology. Only together will this be possible.

The companies and organizations that collaborate with our project share, support and promote this spirit by delivering the best products, methodologies and services in EdTech or helping in the promotion and development.

At Task & Time we have the support of the Center for Industrial Technological Development. We will continue to research and progress with our digital platforms to facilitate the planning of study time and the management of homework.


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