Looking for a task planner

Have you ever tried looking for a digital planner? Yes, yes: an application that plans for you the tasks that occupy and worry you. We have been surprised by the result: we only found three task planners and in the same type of activity, the study. And if we are realistic, only one could fit for most needs, STUDEAM. But let’s go step by step.

In a digital world where there are apps for almost everything or at least we hope to find them, it is to be assumed that there will be apps that plan tasks for us. Although it may not seem like an easy thing to build, with so much artificial intelligence as advertised, we could have that hope. Or are there not many people who wish they had an app to help them plan tasks efficiently?

The world is looking for planning assistants, but there are no proper task planners. There are great programs “programmable” by us so that they could plan as we want after great effort. These programs are thought for projects where a team must be well coordinated. But a Microsoft Project or similar does not seem suitable for our daily and personal purpose.

Are there apps closer to the daily activity of each user, be it a worker or a student? We summarize what we can find to date:

Calendars, but a calendar app is not a task planner

There are magnificent digital agendas, great calendar apps known to all and many more not so well known (Google Calendar, HabitNow, Toodledo, WeNote, Awesome calendar, ACalendar, Jorte…). They are extremely useful tools, but none of them plan. They only collect what is put into them, nothing more. They are not a planner.

Task / project managers, but not a task planner either

There are also task list managers designed to help us get things done and order our activity (from an ASANA, through Trello, Todoist, Evernote, Quire, Microsoft Planner …). They are powerful productivity tools that help us plan and control the evolution of a project. But they are not apps that plan for you either.

Tracking apps that don’t plan tasks either

And there is multiple activity tracking or tracking tools (such as Toggl Track, Harvest, Everhour, HourStack or RescueTime) that are in the field of time management, but they are not planners at all, although they can be useful to fulfill your plannings.  

At last: the only task planner is a study planner!

“I would like someone to tell me what to do,” said a university student to her friend. This phrase expresses very well what a planner should accomplish. Currently there are two start-ups that have independently generated their applications to plan study tasks: Go-Koan, created by Go-Koan, and STUDEAM, developed by us –Task & Time-. Both applications produce a plan, but each implements a different planning method. The third, which we are not going to deal with here because they do not specify a planning, is called Shovel, and it focuses on Colleges in USA. But it deserves a different post for it is a remarkably interesting tool for studying).

 The first app (Go-Koan) is limited to the world of competitive examinations and focuses on planning study tasks linked to specific syllabi, with the aim of optimizing their learning through intelligent analysis of texts.

The second app (STUDEAM) is not tied to any type of content, it supports several languages, ​​and it works with study tasks or homework, but we think that it could be valid for other types of activity if its basic principles of ordering tasks are accepted. Let us say Studeam would be the only planner for study assignments and homework for most students. We provide you with the link to the short tutorial for students because it leaves no doubt that it is really a task planner.

You see, if you are a student looking for a study planner, there is not much to find. And for most cases, only STUDEAM (see video DEMO to understand it better) is worth it. If you are not a student, I’m afraid you’ll still have to wait.


Luis J. Álvarez

CEO at Task & Time and High School Teacher


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