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I wish I had while studying at University of Notre Dame a time management tool. There are weeks that it was easier to manage all the requirements, readings, team sessions and other activities. There were weeks that I needed 36 hours a day to fulfill all that was needed.

Going to College, and particularly to a prestigious institution like Notre Dame is quite demanding. There are classes to attend, sports, dorm life, readings, papers, study sessions, and much more. I needed to be very clear on what I needed to do, when I had to deliver each item, but I barely thought on the amount of time required to do each task. That is why I created STUDEAM, but it was too late for me. I had already graduated. If you are still studying, do not make the same mistakes I made.

How does STUDEAM work?

Basically, there is a quick but important set up. You need to provide the time frame you would reserve for academic activities. This is a general, weekly, plan of when you would study plus the extra available time to work harder in case something goes astray. Do not worry if there are exceptions as STUDEAM has the possibility to handle them very easily. Additionally, you would need to provide the name of your classes for the semester.

At the beginning of each semester you can redo this process to ensure that the plannings provided fit perfectly to your schedule. If you see that the time frame needs some adjustments, you will have that option available any time.

Then is when the magic begins. You can go through your syllabus and list all the requirements and activities. Dates of exams, papers, readings, and anything else you want. For each task you have to provide an estimate of how much time you would need to do it, and finally, set the due time.

This is it. Then by pressing a button STUDEAM would provide a plan for all these activities, in a calendar form that is easy to use.

What if estimates are incorrect?

There are several questions that arise: What if my first estimate is incorrect? What if there are changes? What if I get ill and can’t do all as planned? Do not worry. As all these objections are natural, we designed STUDEAM with a real Notre Dame student in mind. You will inform of your progress as often as you want (we recommend daily) to have the most updated information before any study session begins, therefore you will be certain that you are working on the most important item of your list.

Do not forget to add any additional study time that might pop up or to block those hours to see the Irish play Football or Lady Irish win Basketball against UConn.

STUDEAM is built for you

If you want to test it download it for free, there is a 15 day trial period.

Everybody has the chance to try STUDEAM for free for 14 days. But… as a gift from a Domer, even the price cannot be an excuse: explore this link to find how to extend longer the free trial.

You will no longer say I wish I had while studying at University of Notre Dame a time management tool, as I did because here it is for you.

If you still have doubts watch this Video.

Go Irish!!!

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