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Becoming a Wildcat is one of those choices that mark an inflection point in your life. Congratulations you have been accepted to the University of Arizona. You thought that getting to the University of Arizona was the difficult part, but now is when the hardest part starts. Now you have to deal with classes, readings, papers, and life. Navigating campus buildings, classmates, roommates, sports, and calling mom back home at least once a week can be overwhelming to many. This is why the University of Arizona is a good place to try this study planner app.

The best way to get it all done on time is by planning. You might have been able to cope with everything so far, and you feel like there is no time (or need) for planning. Big mistake. Every experienced and successful Wildcat before you might tell you the importance of good planning. Now, thanks to the STUDEAM app getting from a to-do list to a customized calendar is as easy as pressing a button. Let’s find out more about this revolutionary anti-procrastination planning app.

What is STUDEAM?

While you can learn more about STUDEAM here or in the video below, let me provide an example. Imagine that you have access to the best academic advisor at the University of Arizona. This advisor will ask you to list all your tasks, with how many minutes you estimate for each one and their due dates on a spreadsheet. Then this advisor will provide objectives and an optimal planning schedule in a customized calendar, even with breaks included!

The tasks will be smartly distributed among the study sessions you have said you have available.

Now let’s go to reality. Academic advisors are usually very busy, if you are lucky enough to talk once every other week it will probably be for just 15 or 20 minutes. There is no way that a biweekly plan can perfectly fit in with your hectic student life. Life is not as predictable as many would like it to be. There are doctor’s appointments, family visits, extra crunch hours to cover for your roommate’s birthday party, Wildcats’ football games, and more. Luckily STUDEAM has you covered. You can include these events in the app and the planning will provide a proposal.

Furthermore, this study planner will warn you when you do not have enough time to finish your tasks. Therefore, you will be able to make the right decisions in advance by adding extra study time or by reducing some distracting activities.

STUDEAM is your academic advisor on the go: always available, ready to adapt to any changes and there is no need to walk to their office. 

An anti-procrastination app

Procrastination is one of the most extended problems among students regarding time management and study habits. More than 90% of college students procrastinate in the USA even at the University of Arizona, according to researchers. Either you are a procrastinator or know quite a bunch of them, therefore you know examples of how it affects students’ well-being: stress, burden, pressure… If these problems look familiar to you, then you are definitely in the right place to use this study planner.

After reading all this you might have come to the conclusion that the University of Arizona is a good place to try this anti-procrastination app.

So, if you believe that you are a procrastinator, you have the chance to try STUDEAM for free for 14 days. Even the price cannot be an excuse: explore this link to find how to extend longer the free trial.