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Deciding to become a Ute is one of those decisions that marks an inflection point in your life. Congratulations, you have been accepted to your beloved University of Utah, it will be your alma mater. Now is when the hardest part starts. Juggling all the classes, readings, papers, and life, in general, can be overwhelming. Getting from your dorm to the classes and not getting lost is only the first hurdle. This is why the University of Utah is a good place to try a study app. The best way to get it all done on time is by planning, without STUDEAM planning requires too much effort and time, therefore, it is not done. Every experienced and successful senior might tell you the importance of good planning. Now, thanks to the STUDEAM app getting from a to-do list to a customized calendar is as easy as pressing a button. Give it a try.


What is STUDEAM?

First, let me tell you what is not STUDEAM. It is neither a digital calendar nor a simple to-do list app with some bells and whistles. It is the first study planner that really produce concrete planning from a common list of tasks. There are few competitors that you might want to take a look at (Shovel) but they do not plan for you.Studeam is as if we put the entire department of management inside your digital device ready to organize your study task in one click. They will ask you, which is your to-do list of tasks, how many minutes you estimate for each one to finish, and their due dates. Then they will draw an objective and optimal planning timeline in a calendar, even with breaks!

The tasks will be smartly distributed among the study sessions you have decided and communicated.

Let’s be honest, even the best plans fail. Life is full of unexpected like doctor’s appointments, your favorite spot at the library being used by someone else, extra crunch hours to cover for your roommate’s noisy birthday party, football games, and more. Luckily STUDEAM has you covered. You can include these events in the app and the planner will provide a new proposal.

Furthermore, this planner will warn you when there is not enough time to finish your tasks based on your own estimates. Therefore, you will be able to correct your estimates of add some extra time way before the problem is beyond solution!

Maybe you need to see how STUDEAM works to get a better understanding. Then watch this small DEMO video very carefully.

An anti-procrastination app

Procrastination is one of the most extended problems among students regarding time management and study habits. More than 90% of college students procrastinate in the USA, according to researchers. You know by personal experience how procrastination affects students’ well-being: stress, burden, pressure… If you are familiar with these bad feelings as a University of Utah student, then you are definitely in the right place to try this study planner.

STUDEAM was made to reduce procrastination with an easy and simple method, for High School and College students (you can learn more about procrastination and how it is a factor related to early dropout and poor academic results.)

After reading all this you might have come to the conclusion that University of Utah Utes will study better with this anti-procrastination app.

So, if you believe that you are a procrastinator, you have the chance to try STUDEAM for free for 14 days. Even the price cannot be an excuse: explore this link to find how to extend longer the free trial.