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As if High School curricula was not enough, being accepted to college requires long hours of preparation that can be overwhelming. If you work hard enough and prepare a strong application, you can become a Northwestern University Wildcat. Coping with all the classes, readings, papers and life in general is harder. This is why success at Northwestern University is within reach if you use this study app. The best way to get it all done on time is by planning, but before STUDEAM that required too much time and effort. Thanks to the STUDEAM study planner you can have an updated and customised calendar with all the tasks organized and just a click away.

Studeam isn’t a digital calendar or a task manager: it’s a study planner. 

What is STUDEAM? 

Nothing like STUDEAM is in the market yet. You might have seen beautiful and very useful digital calendars and task managers. But you will not find study planners that really produce concrete planning from a common list of tasks.

Forget all that you know and imagine the best academic counselor asks you all your tasks, the minutes you think each one will take and when you have time available to do them. Imagine that later this academic counselor will carefully draw up a calendar with your optimal planning, indicating the start and end time of each task and the appropriate breaks, from now until the end of the last task all based on year of expertise. I mean, he or she is going to plan it for you. However, you can’t be going to this counselor every day or even be reachable. You want to have all this functionality at your fingertips. This is why we created STUDEAM for students like you at Northwestern University. Students that want to be in control of what you have to do while being able to adapt to any changes life throws at your face.

With STUDEAM all your tasks will be smartly distributed among the study sessions you have set in the configuration.

Will Studeam adapt to my hectic schedule?

Life is not as predictable as many would like it to be. There are doctor’s appointments, family visits, extra crunch hours to cover for your roommate’s birthday party, Buckeyes’ football games, and more. Luckily STUDEAM has you covered. You can include these events in the app and the planner will provide a proposal.

And finally, to help you to be conscious, this planner will warn you when there isn’t enough time to finish your tasks. Therefore, you will be able to make the right decisions in advance by adding extra study time or by reducing some distracting activities.

STUDEAM is such a new concept that the best way to see what it can do for you is by watching this demo video.

A tool to avoid procrastination

Procrastination is one of the most extended problems among students regarding time management and study habits. More than 90% of college students procrastinate in the USA, according to researchers. It is a factor related to early dropout and bad academic results. We all know examples of how it affects students’ well-being: stress, burden, pressure… If these problems look familiar to you as a Northwestern University student, then you are definitely in a good place to try this study planner.

STUDEAM was made to reduce procrastination with an easy and simple method, for High School and College’ students (you can learn more about procrastination in this post).

In fact, we have the experience of hundreds of students (even A students) that postpone when they start to study. Procrastination has many causes, but for most students having a clear picture of what they have to get done TODAY is very helpful to stop procrastinating and start studying.

So, if you believe that you are a procrastinator, you have the chance to try STUDEAM for free for 14 days. Even the price cannot be an excuse: explore this link to find how to extend longer the free trial.