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Once you have been accepted to the University of Pennsylvania is when the hardest part starts. Coping with all the classes, readings, papers, and life, in general, can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there is an app to study better at University of Pennsylvania (UPenn). The best way to get it all done on time is by planning, but before STUDEAM that required too much effort and time. Thanks to the STUDEAM app getting from a to do list to a customized calendar is as easy as pressing a button. Give it a try!

You might want to know how this study planner works

Nothing like STUDEAM is on the market yet so it is worth taking your time to learn about it. You might have heard of beautiful digital calendars and very useful task managers. But you will not find study planners that really produce concrete planning from a common list of tasks. Studeam is as if we put an academic advisor inside your digital device ready to organize your study tasks in one click. This artificial advisor will ask you what tasks you have, how many minutes you estimate for each one, and their due dates. Then it will draw up goals and an optimal plan in a calendar, even with breaks! But because it is on your device, this academic advisor is always available for you, and will never get tired of any changes.

The tasks will be smartly distributed among the study sessions you have set in the configuration. And it is pretty easy to adapt your study sessions to your personal reality (a party in the house, a football game, going to the dentist or two more hours for studying tonight).

And finally, to help you be more aware, this planner will warn you when there is not enough time to finish your tasks. Therefore, you will be able to make the right decisions in advance! You will be able to deliver on time every assignment.

Maybe you need to see how STUDEAM works to better understand how easy it is to use. Watch this short DEMO video carefully.

Studeam’s history 

The idea for this app arises precisely from the bad experience with time management of one of its creators, first as a student and second, as a high school teacher and tutor. During a course helping students to plan the way they study, he came to the conclusion that a planning algorithm had to be built to facilitate the process. By doing this in a very straightforward manner, he created the best anti-procrastination app you can ever imagine. Once you use it, you will regret that it was not created earlier to help you navigate through High School, however, you can still help your little sister or brother!!! You and your friends will find hard to study without this planner.

An anti-procrastination app

Procrastination is one of the most extended problems among students related to time management and study habits. More than 90% of college students procrastinate in the USA, according to researchers. It is a factor related to early abandonment and bad academic results. We all know examples of how it affects students’ well-being: stress, burden, pressure… If these problems look familiar to you as a student at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), then you are definitely in a good place to try this study planner.

STUDEAM was made to reduce procrastination with an easy and simple method, for High School and College students (you can learn more about what we think about procrastination).

In todays world there is almost an app for everything, now there is an app to study better at University of Pennsylvania (UPenn).

So, if you believe that you are a procrastinator, you have the chance to try STUDEAM for free for 14 days. Even the price cannot be an excuse: explore this link to find how to extend longer the free trial.