Creating a To-Do list is easy, however, using a To-Do list properly can be daunting. We are going to discuss the pros and cons of To-Do lists for students.

Despite the fact that most productivity gurus consider To-Do lists to be a harmful technique (see this HBR article) they are still widely used and several APPs are created every year around this concept. So, let’s explore some benefits.


First and foremost, to have everything dumped onto one single piece of paper (or APP for that matter) ensures you don’t forget anything. Therefore, this activity frees your mind to accomplish more complex tasks instead of remembering (obsessively sometimes) other issues.

A second benefit, but maybe not as relevant as the first one, is to have a sense of accomplishment by crossing out tasks.


Usually, it is a never-ending endeavor. No matter how efficient you can be in completing (and crossing out) tasks, there will always be more to add. So, the boost in satisfaction of checking off one task can fade quickly as at the end of the day the list is as long (or even longer) than it was early in the morning.

Furthermore, choosing the right task is quite complex and we tend to select the “low hanging fruit” to celebrate success, leaving the long and tedious for “later”. Usually, we never find time to do unpleasant tasks.

What if we could enjoy the benefits while protecting against the drawbacks?

At least for students, there is finally a solution! It is called Studeam. When using Studeam you only feed the To-Do list with the homework that you must deliver, update your progress and press a purple button to get a full plan that has been personalized for you. Receiving a careful schedule with all of your priorities embedded at the touch of a button would feel like magic for you. But it is magic worth doing!

With Studeam, you can get your sense of achievement not by crossing out the number of tasks you have, but by doing those tasks that really matter to you. The list might never get shorter, but your psychological wellbeing is based on the feeling that you are working on items that matter. Furthermore, you can be certain that you will be able to do everything on time.

The advanced features of Studeam provide a timely warning when there is simply too much so you can correct the problem days before the train crashes.

 I hope that this post has helped you to understand how to use To-Do lists as a student. You can find more time management techniques here.

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